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Dealership hours of operation
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Dealership hours of operation
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Service Technician

Squamish Toyota is looking for a new member for our team!

We would like to offer a long-term Service Technician career opportunity to a suitable candidate.  It is a full-time position in a steady and safe working environment.

The Service Technician is responsible for the actual servicing and repair of customer’s and dealership vehicles as assigned by management or designated representative.  Depending on experience and professional training qualification you are assigned jobs on a daily basis that you are qualified for.  “Fix It Right The First Time” is the central philosophy in our service department.

At Squamish Toyota we care for our staff and always strive to ensure the highest safety standards and comfortable working environment.  You will be working in a modern dealership with long-time co-workers and our staff enjoy special opportunities for vehicle purchase and savings on vehicle services and repairs.

The position offers both a base salary ($20-40/hour, depending on candidate qualification), and upon completion of probation period, a performance-based sales bonus.  Typically our Service Technicians’ annual salary is between $41,600 – 92,000+ / year.  You may be required to work on Saturdays as our Service Department hours of operation is normally 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 4:30pm on Saturdays.  We are not usually open on Sundays and statutory holidays.  A valid driver’s license with clean driving record is required for this position.  There is no late night shifts and minimal overtime.  Candidates with previous Toyota dealership experiences will be given priority but this is not a requirement.

If you are interested in this career opportunity please review the following full job description and submit your full resume/CV to  We will review and contact the suitable candidate within 2 weeks of receiving your resume.

  1. Maintain an appropriate level of personal grooming and hygiene.
  2. Wear uniforms as specified by service management.
  3. Arrive at work, take breaks, and depart work at the times designated by management.
  4. Utilize a daily time ticket as instructed by service management.
  5. Report to management any situation or condition that jeopardizes the safety, welfare or integrity of the dealership.
  6. Perform other duties as assigned by management.
  1. Professionally service and/or repair vehicles assigned.
  2. Complete all work in accordance with the applicable safety requirements and published procedures.
  3. Document services and repairs completed by making appropriate notes showing “condition, cause and remedy”.
  4. Document additional needed repairs showing “condition, cause and remedy”.
  5. Use seat covers, fender covers and steering wheel covers as directed by service management.
  6. Dispose of fluids and chemicals safely in accordance with established Dealer guidelines.
  7. Maintain an inventory of standard automotive technician tools required to perform all services and repairs and which are not inventoried by the Dealership as “Special Service Tools”.
  8. Utilize standard operating procedures to perform maintenance services as directed by service management.
  9. Return customer’s vehicles as clean as or cleaner than they were prior to servicing.
  10. Restore customer vehicle settings after servicing/diagnosing/repair, i.e. radio stations, seat location, personal belongings that were moved, etc.
  1. Attend training courses as directed by Service Manager.
  2. Review all applicable service bulletins and other technical publications.
  3. Complete TU on-line TecSmart training courses as directed by service management.
  1. Test drive vehicle prior to service or repair (Express Lube excepted).
  2. Verify repair by operating repaired component several times.
  3. Test drive vehicle after the service or repair is completed.
  4. Complete the quality control inspection form when attached to the repair order.
  5. Attach and complete a quality control inspection form when the customer complaint could not be duplicated and no repair was performed.
  1. Utilize control boards or system to obtain repair orders.
  2. Utilize control boards or systems to communicate additional needed repairs to service advisors.
  3. Utilize control boards to communicate completed repair orders to the next person working on the vehicle.
  4. Provide the administrative assistance necessary to complete warranty claims.
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