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Appraise Your Trade

Appraise Your Trade-In

To determine an estimated value for your trade-in, click on the button below. A new browser window will open, allowing you to access the Canadian Black Book® website. To return to the Squamish Toyota website, simply close the window containing the Canadian Black Book® website. Canadian Black Book® is an independent third party that specializes in collecting and publishing used vehicle evaluations.

Other Considerations

There are a number of other factors which make up the actual trade value for your vehicle and these factors can only be discussed after viewing your trade-in. Some of these factors include;

· Accident History

· Location History (different Provinces or residence, out of Country vehicles)

· Physical Condition

· Service History

· Present Supply/Demand in Marketplace

· Physical Presence on the Road (The way it drives)

We would be more than happy to discuss these factors following a detailed in-person appraisal of your vehicle.

Please email or phone our Dealership for a vehicle appraisal. You can contact us toll free at 1-888-355-5398.

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